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Alive From America

James Robb Thrillers #2

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The most dangerous terrorist in the world is the one you've never heard of.

Forget bin Laden and Saddaam. Forget the Taliban and al Qaida. The real battle against terrorism is in the shadows, fought in places you'd never expect. FBI agent James Robb has learned that all too well.

After evading capture in the mountains of upstate New York, the terrorist known as The Warrior has disappeared. Robb came close, but now he has no clues and no hope. He's sure of one thing, though: this sleeper cell will not stay dormant forever.

Robb is not wrong. A series of attacks rocks the nation, attacks not on symbols or the government, but on the mundane activity of American life. Politicians scramble for positioning, the media looks for an angle, and ordinary Americans just try to protect their own.

The only solution is to catch the Warrior. But every potential ally has an agenda, and Robb has no idea who to trust. His worst fear is that when the time comes to finally pull the trigger, he will be aiming at a familiar face.

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